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This morning's singly occupied SUV count on 2 mile stretch of Crumlin Road - 15. What is wrong with these people??

The Active Travel Challenge has been a great kick start to getting up and active again. I've been walking everyday in June and feeling all the better for it 😊

On the last day of the 30-day active challenge, I completed my first 20-minute run without any breaks! If you have read any of my previous posts, you will know that I did my very first run of the Couch to 5K back on the 27th of May! I did my run this morning before breakfast, there was a light shower of rain and I was tempted to talk myself out of running because I had been so active yesterday (walked around 19,000 steps simply by washing two cars, and doing quite a bit of work in my garden). However. I also knew that I was trying to put off the 20-minute run. So, I did the sensible thing, I choose a nice light pace that I would be able to keep going without stopping. And while this was not my quickest pace, it enabled me to keep running. I must admit that I was glad to reach the end of the 20-minute run and to walk as I cooled down and then stretch when I finally arrived home. If anyone had told me just a few weeks ago that I would have been able to run for 20 minutes without stopping, I honestly think I would have laughed. So looking to my first run of week six on Sunday, and pressing on to my first 5k without stopping. I would encourage anyone thinking of running to try the

BBC's Couch to 5k app, as I have found it so easy to follow!!

Lagan tow path - grass cutting crew out this morning. Great job guys!

The first rainy morning of the challenge, normally would have taken the car due to the rain, but popped the jacket on and walked to work. Just shows it's all in the mindset.

Fought my way on my bike through hordes of SUVs on the Crumlin Road this morning !! (in the rain!!!)


Cycling brightens up by journey because I feels very light

The journey I recorded as e-cycling was accurate for distance but is actually an emission free electric car, why is this option not available to log?

Being able to walk around Northern Ireland has been absolutely amazing. I wasnt able to walk much in South Africa as there are not much foot paths and places to walk there, Northern Ireland has helped me keep walking and I love the parks and the walkways I can walk upon each day.

One of the many goals that I set myself for Active Challenge Week was to start a Couch to 5K programme. So back on the 27th May I did my first run of the couch to 5k, this would be the first of three runs during week one, the thought of running 5k seemed impossible and I did wonder if I would stick to the programme. Last night I finished run 3 of week 4, and simply by following the programme my running time has doubled from week 1! I am surprised to say that I am looking forward to the first run of week 5, and pressing on-wards to completing my first 5k run without any breaks.

I decided that during June I wanted to try walking an average of 10,000 steps per day, as I have definitely put on a few extra pounds. So far I have achieved and even acceded my goal, with 309166 steps completed from the 29th May to date. I am not sure if I have lost the few extra pounds, but I feel great!

walking on my lunch breaks is a great way to get exercise in and helps me to problem solve by taking myself away from the computer

Trying to get as much cycling in as possible. Then it's my turn to walk the dog !

There really needs to be two bus catagories to choose from. There are currently 134 zero emission buses in the translink fleet with more to come. It is simple to know if you are on one by looking at the fleetnumber on your ticket. Currently these are 3200 to 3233 (Glider) 3430-3449 3530-3609 (Belfast Metro)

Walking is so good for the mind. Initially I thought I didn't have time to walk, but my daughters drama classes have been a blessing. Instead of sitting in the car during her rehearsal's etc, I've walked around Castlewellan and Dundrum. Helping me put work into context and admiring the gorgeous views in this lovely weather

3 x 5k runs in the past week. Not easy in this heat 🥵

What amazing weather to help take part in the challenge, feeling much better all around and shows what a difference changing up the commute can make to your physical and mental well-being!

I complete a daily walk with our dog within my local home area. If too warm for him I take him at 9pm otherwise, when at home, I take him at lunchtime

One of my walks was around the grounds of St Killian's College at Garron Tower where we visited through the Caravan and Motorhome Club at the weekend

First week of ATC done and feeling great - the weather has been super so looking forward to logging even more active travel journeys.