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Really enjoyed taking part in the Active Travel Challenge 2021 - It got me up and out early in the morning, at lunchtime and in the evenings and weekends. Now all I have to do is keep it up!! :)

Well, that's it! I've just logged my last ATC journey. What a month!! I get the train to work everyday anyway, but started walking to the station instead of driving or jumping off a stop earlier and walking the rest of the way. I've walked over 230 miles this month, which is incredible!

For the whole September I didn't take the car at all for commuting to work, it has been an absolute revelation! I started getting the bus, but i definitely found my way halfway through getting a bike, I forgot how nice is cycling!

I think this challenge helped me to be more active during the day and definitely healthier (I lost 2kg). I will keep on using alternative ways then the car, it's been a nice find to ditch taxis as well for nights out!

I have really enjoyed travelling to work in September, starting out using the bus then me and my partner actually going buy new bikes during week two to try a whole new method of transport instead of the car has been great! Instead of getting a bit of road rage and stress stuck on the M1 I’ve been able to skip the traffic through the park and feel refreshed arriving to and from work! We’ve had to invest in reflective gear since the nights are getting darker but feel very safe and seen. Long may our healthy journeys continue!

Last Day! Hope it's a good one for everyone!

A.T.C has motivated me to walk more. :)

I've loved the active challenge this month, having a monthly target is great motivation. Hopefully I keep it up beyond September 😊

Me and wife decided to ditch the bus and took bike to visit the Rough island. The Greenway is a pleasure to ride from belfast to comber.

There was a risk crossing the A21 from one side to other as there was no cycle crossing. We found the island very nice and peaceful. We could spot some nice birds as well. Overall it was a nice experience taking bike instead of bus. It is to be continued now.

I discovered a little country road with absolutely no traffic on it just beside my new neighbourhood and really enjoyed my first run along it, passing cows and goats en route!

Looks like darker nights and unpredictable weather for the last week of ATC! Hope everyone has an enjoyable week!

Got the bus into Belfast on Friday for a work colleagues birthday lunch, its nice to get out out. And on the plus side was able to have a glass of wine as I had no car #GetMeActiveNI

Still loving the ‘Active Travel Challenge’ and just wanted to ask whether the website might continue after September (or better still, develop it into a smartphone App!)?

Whilst there are plenty of other fitness trackers and apps available, I have particularly appreciated not only the ability to track overall activities (including those completed purely for exercise or enjoyment) but also the facility to track the environmental impact and potential ££ savings of choosing an alternative form of transport for normal everyday journeys (that I normally make in the car).

The ability to view the dashboard and to visually see the impact of those journeys – number of journeys and approx. minutes of exercise completed, additional calories burned, money saved and carbon emissions avoided – is superb, a massive motivational factor, and information that cannot be easily obtained elsewhere.

Please keep the website (or some version of it) going!

Have loved this challenge - having recently invested in e-bikes, this has just been the incentive I needed to swap the car for the bike on my short commute to work at least a couple of days a week. It definitely helps wake you up in the mornings although I haven't quite mastered arriving in the office without a glowing face and helmet hair yet ... any suggestions welcome!

Whole day out on bike

I hit 3001.5km on my etandem today after less than a year on the school rum with two wee ones on the back! #GetMeActiveNI

Well spent time cycling to sea today

Glad the weather is still decent - cycling 60 miles is much easier on a sunny day!

I bought a stationary cycle earlier in the year, had stopped using it as I had shingles. Active Travel has given me the incentive to get back on it

I cycled to work for a week day, it was really amazing! I am feeling so much better!

Trying to lose weight and use the car less