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Great to see so many people cycling in for the Ride on Belfast today - and great to finally see some sunshine (even if it hasn't lasted!)

manged to break my streak, cycled to work and back for 3 days in a row and even in the rain, I think I am entitled to a well deserved rest before heading to parkrun tomorrow.

Commute home this evening expected a tail wind but it never really happened wind had changed since this morning, still good training for the challenge ahead

Looked as if this mornings ride would be very wet. Thankfully only had about 5 minutes rain did have a strong head wind Magherafelt to Portglenone but will have on my back on way home

Everyday I'm Cycling!

On Monday 10th June I worked from home. Once I logged off my computer, as a stress buster, I did an "off road" run up and over Glencairn. The weather was fabulous... you could clearly see the Mourne Mountains, which was class.

After sitting all day I felt so much better!

Last night, inspired by the Active Travel Challenge, I ran to club committee meeting rather than take the car. Felt quite virtuous!

First Commute this week 5am start change of wind direction from last week hopefully tail wind on way home

Its amazing how quickly your legs get used to cycling to work

Start of bike week glorious evening for my weekly hill night tough as usual though

Lovely to cycle to work today at the start of Bike Week!

This weekend, my kids and I went totally car-free. On Saturday we made 4 journeys to the hairdressers, a café, swimming lessons and home on our bikes, almost entirely off-road on the amazing Connswater Community Greenway. It only took 11.55km of riding. We will be doing it again!

I have been cycling to work for 5 years now. That saves me 5,400 £ for the taxi.

amazing isn't it? ..... But I don't know where it went.... lolz

Walked to RVH from BCH and back instead of taking the car for a meeting !

Nice brisk walk between BCH and RVH and back in the sunshine and logged nearly 3000 steps.

I haven't too far to travel to work , so not too many miles to do. But training for Dublin marathon, so miles are on the increase with a few races and Parkruns. Exhausted just thinking about it!

Bike Week is just the thing I needed to encourage me back on my bike. The exercise was great and I managed the entire cycle pretty much off road, thanks to the wonderful Middlepath Street cycle lane.

BIG WHOOP!!! Cycled 17 miles to Ballyclare and back for an Ice Cream!! Left the car at home!!

On Friday I was grumpy about having to work over the weekend. I ran on 8 miles on Saturday morning and cycled 48 miles on Sunday morning. I still had to work but was much less grumpy about it thanks to being able to get out and about by exercising.

On Thursday, after a really challenging day at work, I ran home for the first time this year. I arrived home de-stressed.

Hoping to walk to work this week, however the weather was just too wet!!

I did get out at lunch time on two days to walk into the town for lunch, good to get out of the office.