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I resent receiving an email from ATC this morning claiming I had not logged any journeys when I have been doing this since day 1

When out and about you see some interesting things like the Elmer trail or a man with a colourful shirt and a yellow bird on his shoulder.

Working from home this challenge has encouraged me to make the effort to leave the laptop more often and get out for a walk in the evenings - the dog appreciates it too!

I am finding that the ATC and working from home have been the perfect marriage. In my pre-pandemic office-based work, my main activities throughout the morning/day was commute to work, maybe walk to the shops or around the local roads and commute home from work. WFH provides me the ability to log on to my computer as early as I want to, which in turn allows me to complete tasks as early as I want to, which gives me time throughout the day should I need to pop to the shops or go for a short walk just to clear any cobwebs. Also a great opportunity to get in a bit of exercise. I know that if I return to office-based work, my day will not be the same as pre-pandemic, in that I will be looking for ways to improve my exercising regime, especially walking. At the time of writing this, it is 5.05 am. The plan for today is to work on some work-stuff now up until 7.00 am, then take a walk through the quiet streets to the shops. I love doing this and listening to the radios, TV's, alarm clocks going off and lights coming on as the place wakes up. I could still do this at 7.00 am any day anyway, but its nice to know that when I get home my work has already been started and I can enjoy my coffee and bun and watch the news and be that little bit more relaxed! Also, I could just make my journeys by car, but I've come to understand more about the things I'm missing out on - the simple things - which don't cost anything but are real valuable. And where's the challenge in taking the easier/quicker option?

For the 17 years I have worked at Allstate, for the first 15 I didn't have a car and walked/cycled/bussed all my journeys. All this time I kept saying that I would get a car someday.....which I did. This past month has made me realize that having a car is great but its not THAT important to me personally. I have parked the car in my back yard (so its not staring at me in my living room window!) and have used alternative travel modes throughout June. I have felt great about this, definitely a little healthier, but most of all proud in that feel I am doing my own little bit to improve the environment and hopefully saving a few pounds, which my kids think is great (especially as they are hoping my savings fall their way!). Not using my car has also allowed me to meet and chat with people out on the roads and streets, that I wouldn't normally get the chance to do, if driving. I plan to continue using my car less even when the ATC finishes as it has made me aware of the wins which remain out there for me.

Lashing with rain this morning but I figured I'm not made of sugar'! so I cycled on in to work.

Used the train for several journeys this week instead of the car - much more relaxing and cheaper!

I've come to rediscover that walking, especially to the local and town shops, is both rewarding and, because of traffic jams and parking, doesn't take as much more time as expected, in comparison to driving, to get there and back. Positive health costs rather than negative fuel costs as well!

Full day out on yesterday at 2 events resulting in the biggest step count I have had in 24hr period. The type of count I normally do in a week. Wrecked and sunburned but had a great time. #freshair #getmeactiveni #restuptoday

It's half way through the challenge already and I didn't realise how may journey rewards i've banked so far......think it's time to trade those in. #discounts #freebies #GetMeActiveNI

I am trying to walk 10,000 steps a day, but unfortunately there are days when I really do not come close to this target!!

Cycled to the shop last night to do a message with my son - great to get some exercise, fresh air and a good chat about the day that was all whilst doing a quick bit of shopping!

I was only bicycle on Crumlin Road this morning in a sea of SUVs.!!

The calories used up feature needs to be updated. The return walk I did this morning is 0.26 mile in each direction but is up a steep hill on the way back and much more effort than outward. There should be a way of reflecting this.

No traffic Jams and maybe a sneaky 40 winks.

have ditched the car and will endeavor to continue walking throughout the summer months, beautiful sunny day yesterday and today to date

Getting some fresh air when out for a walk or bike ride leaves you feeling energised, positive and ready to take on whatever life throws at you! I had a great brisk walk at lunchtime yesterday - so good to get away from the desk especially when working from home!

Multi modal journey at it's best. Just cycled to Belfast City Hospital for a bike drop off, followed by a brisk walk into Belfast City Centre then hopped on one of Translinks new e-buses home. Amazeballs! #GetMeActiveNI

Off last week so journeys ahoy - Back to work this week so we shall see what happens

We went as a family to Lurgan show on Saturday and walked my legs off looking around all the different stalls and animals